The FWHCC’s activities address each of the areas that we believe are the cornerstones of a productive, thriving business environment:



Our dedication to foster a vibrant economic environment can be seen through our rich and diverse projects.

Lecture Series

Economics – May 3 11:30am-1pm

To facilitate our economic activity representatives of AEM will speak to participants about the impact of Mexico on business in North Texas and specifically Tarrant County.


External Jobs

Find job opportunities with our partners and other great companies looking for talented, motivated and creative individuals.


“Mi Primo” Bilingual Jobs/Recruiters

Other Resources

Find additional help in the following programs:

Tech Fort Worth


“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela


We feel honored to have the opportunity of providing scholarships to talented, driven and deserving minds.


FWHCC Scholarship 

The Gloria J. González Memorial Scholarship (Medical)

The Freddie Caram Jr.


We feel humbled to also have the opportunity of contributing or showcasing these additional scholarship opportunities.

SHPE LM Aero Scholarship Application

Cuidado Casero Foundation (Medical)

MSU General Merit Scholarships 

MSU Donor Services Scholarships 


Lecture Series

Education – August 16 11:30am-1pm

To facilitate a discussion about creating a thriving education system, the Chancellor of Tarrant County College District, Dr. Eugene Giovannini, will speak to attendees about his conclusions and impressions after approximately one year on the job, as well as discuss TCCD’s most pressing needs.


Bilingual Business Programs

We have proudly partnered with TCC to bring students fundamental skills in accounting, business planning, developing and managing.  


STEM Fields 

We are proud to stand alongside those in understanding and support of STEM fields within our society and beyond.

Say tuned for more to come! 

Other Resources 

We would like to share some additional resources, which are also actively working towards a better educated community.  

Student Resources

Blue Zones Project


“A government can be no better than the public opinion that sustains it.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Lecture Series

Civics – March 23 11:30am-1pm

To facilitate a conversation about civic engagement, we have invited Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley to discuss the role that county government plays in our lives and the many services that it provides. Judge Whitley will also update the Chamber on the state of Tarrant County and the great future of North Texas.


Other Resources

Want to get involved?  Please visit the following resources for opportunities.

City Council
City of Fort Worth
Tarrant County
Community Resources


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

-Steve Jobs

Lecture Series

Leadership – November 2 11:30am-1:00pm

To facilitate diversity in leadership, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price will talk about how she leads a diverse community, including topics such as leading a diverse City Council and City of Fort Worth employment and programs.


Young Professionals of Fort Worth

Young Professionals of Fort Worth is a program designed to sharpen the skills of individuals seeking to grow professionally and to assist them in getting involved in the Fort Worth community, ultimately developing and mentoring the executives of tomorrow.

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Ambassador Program

We believe it is of the upmost importance to have ethical, motivated, enthusiastic leaders serve as its representatives in the community.  Find out more about how you can join this group of representatives.

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Women in Leadership

The FWHCC celebrates and supports women in leadership roles who are trailblazers in their industries. This year, the FWHCC will present two panel events for our entire membership and community to offer insight to this fast-growing leadership demographic. Both of these events afford participants a closer, more personal opportunity to learn from accomplished women in our community.

Women in Entrepreneurship – April 13 7:30am-9am


Women in Corporate America – October 12 7:30am-9am



“Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value.”

-Albert Einstein

Lecture Series

Business – September 28 11:30am-1pm

To facilitate a discussion about quality business development, a prominent executive from one of Fort Worth’s largest employers will discuss their company’s growth trajectories and offer participants an opportunity to interactively question how they have addressed business problems, staffing concerns and growing a thriving enterprise.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Becoming a sponsor brings more benefits than what you can imagine.  Not only do you join an amazing repertoire of sponsors, but you also get the added benefits of being affiliated with our chamber as well as our great projects and programs.


Networking Opportunities

Business networking is perhaps one of the strongest inputs for any and all industries. Find out why our membership list is continuously growing and our existing members return year after year.

After Hour Mixers