Live Auction: Grand Entry

By January 22, 2020Uncategorized

As many of you may know, riding in the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo GRAND ENTRY is a rare experience reserved for only rodeo competitors or members of an approved riding club. Each year, our chamber is able to provide ONE lucky individual the grand privilege of riding in the Grand Entry on the evening of our Fiesta Night at the Rodeo.

For this year’s 37th Annual Fiesta Night at the rodeo, we’re taking this traditional live auction item online to Facebook! That’s right, we’ll be auctioning off this experience on Facebook on Thursday, January 23rd. The winner will be participating in the Grand Entry ride on Friday, January 24th at Fiesta Night at the Rodeo.

Interested in this incredible experience? Here are the details:

Visit the FWHCC Facebook page and look for the Live Auction image announcing the auction. The comments section immediately below the image will serve as the bidding place for the auction.


  1. To place a bid: simply comment on the Live Auction image with your bid amount.
  2. Please post bids directly to the comment section on the Live Auction image to ensure it is seen. Bids placed on shared posts will not be considered.
  3. Only serious bidders, please.  Don’t bid on an item and then back out.  It’s very unfair to the other bidders.
  4. Please bid by $50 increments. (i.e. $550, $600, $650, etc.)
  5. Don’t have a Facebook account but want to bid OR don’t have time to watch the bidding all day? Call the FWHCC office at 817-625-5411 and someone will take down your information and your highest bid amount. We will then bid for you in $50 increments up to your maximum bid.
  6. The bidding will end at the end of the day on Thursday, January 23rd.
  7. The winner will be contacted for payment, which will be due by 10am on Friday, January 25th.
  8. The grand entry rider should expect to meet our staff at the Round Up Inn by 5:00pm on Friday January 25th. The grand entry rider will be recognized at our Fiesta Night at the Rodeo event prior to reporting to the rider area.
  9. The grand entry rider will report to a designated location at 6:15pm on Friday, January 24th. Details will be provided directly to the winner. Then, you’ll enjoy your ride while over 600 chamber members cheer you on in the stands!
*In the event that the winning bidder does not contact the chamber office in time to make payment, they will forfeit their opportunity and we reserve the right to award the opportunity to the next highest bidder.